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I work with the Archangel Michael, the spirit of Merlin and a group of five Spiritual energy beings from the planet Arcturus who call themselves Joe. Other spirits may spontaneously enter my readings from time to time.

I am passionate about helping others, and my intention in giving readings is to empower others to reach their highest good. My guides aim to empower you to understand the past and present. Through this understanding, they can help you approach the future with wisdom. Please keep in mind, this is not a science and I am not a medical intuitive and cannot provide medical advice.

I ask that you send me an overview of the topic on which you are seeking guidance, as well as 1-2 questions. Include your name, gender, birthdate and current location (City, State, Country). When I work via email, I will sit with your questions and ask for guidance. My guides send information which I relay to you via email. I can also work via Skype. My fee is $70 paid via PayPal invoice under separate cover.



I am a clairaudient intuitive; guides and runes offer insight to folks interested in learning a bit more about their lives. Many spirits guide me, all from a place of profound love. The spirit of Richard is direct and entertaining, St. Catherine accesses the measureless wisdom of a Christian martyr. Heroic Harriet’s words encourage us in the face of the challenges facing us today. All seek to access your inner wisdom. Runes expand upon these insights.

Before a reading, I’ll get your full name, telephone number, email, birthdate, birth place, and current location. Then we will set up a time for Skype or the telephone and I will share what spirit has told me.  I am not a medical intuitive, this is in no way a science, and in no way replaces medical advice. My fee is $70 on a PayPal invoice sent under separate cover. I look forward to hearing from.

For Dave Johnson/Man in the moon, see below:

Please note that it does not replace psychological or medical treatment.

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