A channel is direct. Ask the universe a question and it will answer. This happens in many ways; my channel is just one of them. If you are psychology minded, you might consider channeling a way of talking to your unconscious, using me as a telephone. Answers to questions from spirit has changed my life and the lives of others. It can change yours. 

Some people use this resource to ask about irrational fears, physical pain when they have tried many other “rational” approaches without success. Some people just want a better handle on their lives. They are making decisions and want another voice which puts perspective on their choices. Still others want to talk to those who have passed out of this lifetime. One common question: What is the purpose of my life? All of these are great questions to ask.

As I work I see images and get a sense of what they mean. Often my clients help by telling me what the images mean - but this is not necessary. I often see blockages and unresolved stories in people’s present and past lives. More often, I get a sense of the deepest meaning of events in your life. All of this is directed by you and your consciousness: I see what you allow me to see. It is private. There is no judgement from the universe. 

I am not yet a reiki master as I have only achieved level 1. The reiki work I do as part of the channel involves physical ailments more than other forms of channeling. When I channel, I help you understand the source of the pain. The source is usually past trauma held in the body. This in no way replaces a doctor or medicine. Reiki is another line of inquiry. Clients have said channeling has a healing effect similar to reiki. 

Today I ask the being I channel, the Man in the Moon, how to get more cash and abundance.

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